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About Dune Buggy Official!

Welcome to DuneBuggyOfficial.com, the ultimate online resource for dune buggy enthusiasts! We are a team of experienced riders and writers who share a passion for the exciting world of dune buggies. Our goal is to provide the most comprehensive guides, how-tos, reviews, and information related to dune buggy ownership. We cover everything from choosing the right model to custom upgrades so you can get the most out of your off-road adventures.

Our Story

DuneBuggyOfficial was founded in 2023 by a group of long-time dune buggy enthusiasts who met online and at various events over the years.

After collectively decades of experience modifying, riding, and racing dune buggies, we decided to combine our knowledge into the ultimate dune buggy resource.

Our head author Erin originally hails from southern California where she grew up around the dune fields and buggy culture of the region. This early exposure sparked a lifelong passion for off-roading.

After connecting with fellow dune buggy fanatics nationwide, we realized there was a need for an authoritative site bringing together guides, how-tos, reviews, insights, and stories in one place.

Out of our shared love for these thrilling vehicles, DuneBuggyOfficial was born in 2023 to help others discover the joy of dune buggy ownership.

With our firsthand expertise guiding the way, we provide enthusiasts with all the knowledge needed to get started, get riding, and get the most out of the amazing world of dune buggies!

Dune Buggy Guides

Our guides are designed to help you navigate the world of dune buggies. Learn about the history of these exciting vehicles, get tips for how to build your own, and more. We make dune buggy ownership accessible for everyone.

Dune Buggy Adventures

The open-air thrill of dune buggy adventures is what it’s all about. We offer guides to the top dune buggy riding locations, events, races, tours, and more across the United States. Experience the excitement of this fun motorsport community.

Dune Buggy Models

From vintage VWs to modern designs – we review all the top dune buggy models and manufacturers. Learn the pros and cons of each to pick the perfect option for your needs. The latest buggies, kits, and custom builds are covered.

Dune Buggy Components

Upgrading and maintaining your dune buggy? Our component guides have you covered. Find tips for choosing tires, wheels, seats, engines, frames, wiring harnesses, and all dune buggy parts and accessories. Take your buggy to the next level.

Meet Our Authors

Our team of experienced dune buggy enthusiasts come from diverse backgrounds united by a shared passion. Get to know the authors who contribute knowledge and adventures to DuneBuggyOfficial:

Erin Taylor

Erin Taylor

Head Author & Editor

Our lead author Erin grew up in southern California riding the iconic dunes there. She studied engineering at Stanford before turning her lifelong dune buggy obsession into a career. Erin has explored famous buggy spots nationwide always looking for new terrain and people to ride with. She documents her travels and DIY tips online. As editor, Erin ensures the site provides trusted and comprehensive dune buggy guidance.

Franklin Quinn

Franklin Quinn

Writer & Tour Guide

As a writer Franklin combines his loves of words and off-roading. He wrote for niche buggy mags before specializing in the California scene. Originally from Newport Beach, Franklin leverages his local knowledge to curate coastal tours. He guides buggy enthusiasts to hidden beaches from OC to Baja. When not writing or riding, Franklin surfs, cooks, and travels.

Angela Thompson

Angela Thompson

Lead Writer

Angela is a passionate dune buggy expert born and raised in SoCal. She leveraged her journalism degree from UCLA to write for off-roading magazines before joining our team. Angela loves uncovering hidden gems and sharing quintessential California dune experiences with readers. When not testing upgrades, you can find her gardening, hiking, and planning her next adventure.

Michael Smith

Michael Smith

DIY Expert 

Michael is our resident expert on all things DIY having spent over 20 years modifying and building dream dune buggies. He transformed his mechanical background into a writing career driven by passion. Michael has explored the best dune fields across America always seeking new challenges and stories. He provides practical tips so fellow enthusiasts can build the buggy of their dreams.